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Individual Ice Rod

1 Individual Ice Rod. Perfect for personal use, at home or out and about to keep your items cool and refreshed.

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We offer innovative and cost effective ways to keep your items cool on hot days and heated surroundings with a variety of cooling devices. Our cooling devices are not only aimed at the leisure industry, but are also very popular within the pharmaceutical and food industries (medical and fish preservation, for example) as well as for personal use, at home or out and about (on say camping trips or even beach holidays).

The Ice Rod will keep everything it is stored amongst within 'sub-zero' temperatures for a minimum of 6-8 hours.

The Ice Rod is a stainless steel rod filled with coolant and welded sealed. Put the Ice Rod  in the freezer and place it inside the beverage to keep it cold for even longer.

Material: Stainless Steel
Weight: 0.4kg (when empty)
Length: 6" Long

The Ice Rod by Ice Entertainments acts as a high performance cooling device similar to the traditional ice packs, but with a slick metal design and greater cooling effect.

This product is also referred to as the Ice Entertainments Ice Rod, Ice Entertainments Ice Pack, Metal Ice Rod, Metal Ice Pack, Steel Ice Rod and the Steel Ice Pack.

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