Ice Accessories

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Complement our vast product range with our selected assortment of Ice Bar Accessories. A variety of niche bar accessories ranging from shot glass trays to dry ice holders, bottle attachments and ice fountain lighters. Our collection has carefully been selected with both safety and product harmony in mind

Commonly referred to as Party Accessories, Bar Accessories, Nightclub Accessories or Wedding Accessories.



  • Shot Glass Trays
    A range of products developed to compliment our current entertainment product range. At Ice Entertainments, safety and presentation are imperative. Our Shot Glass Trays are a prime example that demonstrates using an Ice Accessory product can help enhance the presentation and add convenience to the way shots are served.
  • Ice Fountain Bottle Tri-Clips
    A range of products developed to compliment our current entertainment product range. At Ice Entertainments, safety and presentation are imperative. Our Ice Fountain Bottle Tri-Clips were created to add simplicity and design to the presentation of Ice Fountains within Nightclub, Bars, Restaurants and Hotels as part of their bottle service. This product is very easy to use and can increase the safety elements when using ice fountains in crowded area by adding stability.
  • Champagne Gun

    The infamous Champagne Gun has received a lot of publicity and is considered the ultimate party accessory! The Champagne Gun can be reloaded with any Magnum Sized Champagne bottle regardless of brand and can work either with a service spout or a diffuser.

    This product is available in Gold, Chrome or Rose Gold and has three considered uses:

    • Champagne Showers: Spray champagne up to 23 feet for approximately 45 seconds
    • Champagne Service: A unique and innovative way of pouring champagne
    • Champagne Display: A extravagant way to display any magnum bottle of champagne at your bar

    Works only with magnum size bottles (1.5L) unless used with The Champagne Gun Adaptor - All brands except "Special Bottles".

  • Dry Ice

    Ice Entertainments work closely with various suppliers to ensure the highest quality dry ice products are supplied to venues.

    All of the products we offer have been carefully created to assure your clients senses are uplifted and overwhelmed due to the spectacular chilling effect which is created through the use of dry ice. We will assist to revolutionise your menu, event or party, boost profits and create a breath-taking signature dish/drink people will always remember.

  • Safe Use Lighters
    A range of products developed to compliment our current entertainment product range. At Ice Entertainments, safety and presentation are imperative. Avoid burning your fingers when igniting pyrotechnics by using our Safe Use Extended Handled Chrome Gas Lighter. This product is refillable an easy to use.
  • Customised VIP Bottle Presenter

    The Customised VIP Bottle Presenter has been specifically designed for venue VIP Bottle Service. Whether a bar or a nightclub, the VIP Champagne Bottle Presenter is ideal for showcasing your champagne and ice fountains.

    This has been purposely built to accommodate our most popular products - the Ice Fountains (Bottle Sparklers), the LED Glow NITE SPARX (non-hazardous electronic sparklers) and the LED Strobe Batons.

    The Customised VIP Bottle Presenter adjusts to fit various sized bottles and also has a built in LED panel at the base to illuminate the bottle for additional attention. You venue's logo can be included too.

  • Customised LED Light Boxes

    Customised LED Light Boxes have been specifically designed for VIP Bottle Service. Whether a bar or a nightclub, Customised LED Light Boxes are ideal for showcasing your company name and logo, whilst adding more excitement to bottle shows. The interchangeable LED Light Box allows you to create a customised VIP experience. The inserts for the LED Light Boxes are easily changed  from one character to the next and are extremely  durable, waterproof and tear-proof. Each insert comes with a charger and with your logo on the back for maximum brand exposure.

  • Money Gun - The Rain Maker

    The Money Gun which is also known as 'The Rain Maker' is a cool yet fun cash gun dispensing device. This cash cannon dispenses real money or any other type of flyer promotion that fits the unit. It is easy to use and a must have accessory to any party or promotional event.

    It’s Simple...

    • Crank your music up
    • Load The Money Gun
    • Make It Rain
  • Party Balloons

    Every party needs balloons and Ice Entertainments offer a range of part balloons for all occasions. Our range consists of foil and latex balloons in various shapes, sizes and colours.

    From birthday party balloons for both children and adults, special occasion balloons and plain colour balloons to high quality finish balloons for weddings, we offer both blow up and helium balloon solutions for all events.

    If you want your balloons to be inflated, please don't forget your helium canister or blow-up pump as all our balloons DO NOT come inflated!

  • Traditional Wax Cake Candles

    All cakes deserve candles and if you are unable to use our Fountain Cake Candles, then the Traditional Wax Cake Candles are what you need.

    We offer a range of wax candles for all types of desserts and birthday cakes. Our extensive range includes plain wax candles and digit cake candles which are ideal for both kids and adult birthday cakes alike.

  • Wax Candle Tea Lights

    A tea light is a candle encased in a thin metal cup so that the candle can liquefy completely while lit. They are typically small, circular and wider than their height.

    A common use for the tea light is to use as a food warmer within a restaurant as part of general table service whereby keeping the served food warm is required. Nightclubs are also using this product within their reception area to create additional light and enhance ambience within the venue.

  • SHOTZ Bullet Shot Cups

    SHOTZ Bullet Shot Cups are a great way to upsell your drink orders. SHOTZ Clips allow you to “hang” approx. 28ml of alcohol on the side of any drinking vessel within the SHOTZ Bullet Cup Shots.

  • Smoke Pellets

    Each smoke pellet produces a large cloud of smoke when lit. Not suitable for dropping or throwing. Use on a heatproof surface in a well ventilated area.

  • Hand-Held Smoke Flares

    The Hand-Held Smoke Flares are ideal for special effects in both TV and film to create a colourful smoke cloud. We have supplied a number of performers and artists with this product for the usage in music videos and stage performances.

    This product is also referred to as smoke bombs, smoke flares, smoke grenades, distress signals, football flares and colour bombs.

  • Smoke Tubes

    Smoke Tube create a strong coloured smoke cloud that is ideal for special effects in both TV and film. This product is CE Marked.

  • Giant Jeroboam Acrylic Glasses
    Giant jeroboam acrylic glasses are a brand new niche product used by many for various purposes. Made from the highest grade of material available, this extremely durable product is a great way to add some jazz to any event or display. They can be used to replicate an exaggerated version of firm favourites such as martini cocktails or a glass of champagne in the form of your very own cocktail fishbowl. They can also be used as a great addition to your display, fill with a liquid and petals to ensure you receive the ambience you are looking to create.