Night Sparkles

Night Sparkles are now an industry standard across nightclubs, bars and restaurants all around the world.

By introducing Night Sparkles as part of your bottle/table service, you're not only able to increase the excitement within your venue but you're able to draw attention to the bottle or dessert which ultimately results in an increase of sales. Night Sparkles are a fantastic way to increase your venue's revenue. A huge number of nightclubs and restaurants currently buy Night Sparkles from Ice Entertainments.

When using Night Sparkles as part of your bottle service, you will instantly notice the additional attention the bottle receives as well as the created excitement within your venue. Using Night Sparkles is the simplest way of maximising bottle sales and increasing your profit margins for nightclubs.

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Even though Ice Entertainments are the UK’s largest supplier of Night Sparkles, we also offer additional atmosphere enhancing products for your venue.