How to Sell Champagne?

As a new or even as an established nightclub, the burning question you must always ask yourself to sell champagne?

There are various ways to serve and sell champagne, but the one way which is guaranteed to have a huge visual impact is to introduce Ice Fountain Champagne Sparklers as part of your bottle service.

Whether it’s’ cheap champagne or Magnum Moet Champagne or a Jeroboam Crystal Champagne, nowadays, if a champagne bottle is ordered within a nightclub or a restaurant and it doesn’t come with a bottle firework then you can expect your guests to be disappointed. When using Ice Fountain Bottle Sparklers as part of your nightclub bottle service you will attract attention and create instant excitement within your nightclub which will help sell champagne.....and lots of it! This method is an instant way to increase profit and is what we believe to be the best way to sell champagne effectively. The how to sell champagne question should now never come to your mind!

Although you may look at champagne candles being a cost to your venue, it shouldn’t! It should be looked at as an investment that will help you sell champagne. Our range of entertainment enhancing products are aimed at adding that extra wow factor to any celebration or event ensuring your customers return and even increasing product awareness resulting in additional champagne sales and increased champagne bottle revenue.

Below you can see a simple example of how our champagne fountain candles can help your business to not only grow but also maintain revenues in a very tough and competitive market.

The maths is simple, if you spend £1.00 on a champagne sparkler and attach it to the bottle when you sell champagne. Initially your profit is down by £1.00. However, selling an additional champagne bottle at £250.00 now results in an increase of £249.00 in revenue, and guess’re up!

This method of selling champagne has been tried and tested buy some of the biggest champagne sellers in the world. We have been dealing with nightclubs, bars, restaurants, hotels and casinos all around UK, Europe and the rest of the world for close to 10 years and this has been an integral part to their champagne service... why sell one champagne bottle when you can sell two or three or even lots more.

Now you know how to sell champagne, what are you waiting for, purchase your champagne sparklers today!