Fountain Candle

We provide our own version of the Fountain Candle Bottle Sparklers across the UK and around the world. Fountain candles are a great way to excite the crowd and increase the sales of bottles and deserts.

Fountain Candles have been created from the term Ice Fountains or Champagne Bottle Sparklers and are used throughout the nightclubs in London and all other major cities. They are not only eye-catching for the bottles you sell but also for your VIP Clientele, ensuring they receive the attention they desire.

The use of fountain candles will not only increase your revenue but also add value to your VIP Bottle Service. The use of this product is a must for any nightclub or any other venue that sells VIP bottles who wants to provide a memorable experience for their VIP clientele.

Fountain candles can be used not only on bottles of champagne but also vodka and spirit bottles and has been produced to complement the sale of bottles in the hospitality and leisure industry. By using the pincers at the bottom of the Fountain candle, they can also easily be inserted into soft, non flammable materials such as cakes and desserts.

We provide the highest quality fountain candles and also offer a range of various accessory products suited to match your requirements. If you're interested in increasing your revenue through the sales of additional bottles and desserts and would like to consider the use of fountain candles at your venue, please browse our full range of products - Click Here.