Shisha Sticks

Shisha Bars have slowly become a popular choice by many as a destination to meet with friends and socialise while enjoying shisha pipes in relaxed surroundings with a chilled vibe. Now you can enjoy the benefit of a shisha pipe while out and about with your friends for dinner and drinks or even from the comfort of your own home or hotel room without having to visit a shisha type bar. We introduce Shisha Sticks as the alternative.

Shisha Sticks (also known as e-Cigarettes, e Hookahs and Shisha Pens) are the newest product that is set to take the world by storm.

As this product is legal for indoor use, Shisha Sticks have now become a firm favourite throughout nightclubs, bars, restaurants, hotels and casinos around the UK and the world.

Nightclubs and casinos in particular, are benefiting from the sale of Shisha Sticks within their venues. Not only is it providing additional revenue, but the Shisha Sticks have become a convenient product allowing clubbers and gamblers the choice of staying at their table to smoke as appose to exiting the building. This means more time is spent either at the bar or at the casino table!

There are various manufacturers and suppliers of Shisha Sticks, so be sure to check the reviews and content before you purchase your product. The brand we supply is manufactured by Elan and is safe for use and contains zero nicotine. The Elan version of the Shisha Sticks is available in the following flavours:

The Elan Shisha Sticks have 200 puffs and are smaller in size than its competitors, making these Shisha Sticks a classier and more realistic version of an electronic cigarette, which fits discreetly in your pocket.

These e-Cigarettes can be used as a cleaner alternative without the smell, tar, carcinogens, chemicals or flames associated with tobacco smoking. The smoking of a Shisha Sticks is activated by puffing on the cigarette, with no buttons to press. The sensation is exactly the same as a regular cigarette. Just inhale when you want, for as long as you want and exhale as much vapour as you like. Then just simply put the Shisha Sticks down, in your pocket or bag for later use.

All products are CE and RoHS tested to protect you and the environment. Recycling is important to the environment so we recommend you recycle your used Shisha Sticks.

"No smoke, No smell, No tar, No carbon monoxide, No carcinogens and No heat"

The Shisha Sticks we supply also come in Menthol and Tobacco flavour. Please note, both the Menthol and Tobacco versions contain Nicotine.