Bottle Fireworks

Bottle Fireworks have been used within nightclubs and restaurants as part of their bottle service for many years now and attitudes have now changed. No longer is a bottle of your finest champagne served in an oversized bucket surrounded by ice cubes (or other Ice Cube alternatives) enough. The attention and theatrics that is created from the use of bottle fireworks is what the buyers now desire.

Whether it’s cheap house wine, a magnum belvedere or a giant bottle of Moet Champagne, our bottle fireworks will definitely increase product awareness and give that bottle the attention it deserves.

When selecting the bottle fireworks you must be aware of cheap imitations that are available on the market. These products have been developed with only profit in mind and have not taken into consideration both safety and performance. If your bottle fireworks do not include either a CE mark or EN Approval, then it’s safe to say the product is illegal and shouldn’t be considered.

The smoke and fumes that are given off from Illegal bottle fireworks are not only dangerous when inhaled but they will also give off an ‘eggy’ stench which can be very off putting for your customers. However, when you purchase high quality bottle fireworks the impact on your sales and atmosphere can be very profitable and rewarding. Be sure to opt for a reputable supplier who is able to make you feel confident and assured when using their products.

There are many bottle firework versions available on the market. They vary in design, duration, colour and even sizes. Our range includes all of the above ensuring your needs and requirements are met.

Designed to fit the majority of all sized bottles, we also supply a Champagne Bottle Clip which can be used to attach your bottle fireworks to the bottle ensuring it is presented to your guest both safely and elegantly.