Sparkler Candles

Sparkler Candles are used to make the perfect intro or climax to any celebration or presentation. Accompanied by a bottle of champagne in a nightclub or on a cake or dessert at a restaurant, they are the perfect addition to create that Sparkle to any event.

The sparkler candles light instantly when using our supplied Safe Use Chrome Lighters or any other ignition source. Sparkler candles can be purchased with various designs and durations depending on your requirements.

Our version of the sparkler candle complies with British Standards and European Regulations - EN14035-15. The product is non toxic, has minimal smoke and is virtually odourless. It’s a proven method to add pizzazz and that wow factor to any cake or champagne bottle.

If you're looking to attach the sparkler candles to a bottle, this can be done easily and safely by using our sparkler candle Champagne Bottle Clip. Alternatively, if you're looking to insert this product into a cake or dessert, you can easily do so by using the already supplied pincer at the bottom of the sparkler candles.

When choosing sparkler candles, you will need to consider the products duration and design. Our range of high quality sparkler candles can be found on the following link (Click Here) and includes the following products.