Champagne Sparklers

Times change and so do expectations. When it comes to the mentality of most, only the best will do. Whether it’s part of the bottle service in a nightclub, a birthday celebration at a restaurant or even a wedding gift to your guests on their tables upon arrival, Champagne Sparklers are a firm favourite for all.

Used by nightclubs to increase product awareness and increase champagne sales, champagne sparklers are a proven technique in today’s tough and competitive industry. Loved by all nightclubs and night clubbers, the use of champagne sparklers will increase atmosphere and has now become an industry standard within many venues.

Guaranteed to leave a lasting impression amongst your guests ensuring their return, the use of champagne sparklers within your restaurant is a sure way to create that party ambience which in turn will ensure your customers consider your restaurant when choosing a venue for their celebrations.

Weddings are a day of jubilance, excitement and entertainment; what better way to start off your reception with a thank you to your guests by sending over a bottle of champagne with champagne sparklers attached. This unique wedding idea has been implemented in the past by many and has proven to be a huge success. Let’s face it, without your guests; you wouldn’t have the wedding you desire... unless you choose to marry in Las Vegas, USA.

When choosing your champagne sparklers you will need to consider the products design and duration. Our range of the highest quality champagne sparklers can be found on the following link (Click Here) and includes the following products:

You may also wish to attach the champagne sparklers to the bottle of champagne by using our Champagne Bottle Tri-Clips ensuring the expensive champagne looks as good as the value. Our safe champagne bottle clip has become a must for all.

The whole affluent experience doesn’t have to end there; you can also maintain the quality by using our Safe Use Chrome Lighter to ignite the champagne sparklers before being presented to your guests.