Ice Accessories

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Complement our vast product range with our selected assortment of Ice Bar Accessories. A variety of niche bar accessories ranging from shot glass trays to dry ice holders, bottle attachments and ice fountain lighters. Our collection has carefully been selected with both safety and product harmony in mind

Commonly referred to as Party Accessories, Bar Accessories, Nightclub Accessories or Wedding Accessories.



  • Shot Glass Trays
    A range of products developed to compliment our current entertainment product range. At Ice Entertainments, safety and presentation are imperative. Our Shot Glass Trays are a prime example that demonstrates using an Ice Accessory product can help enhance the presentation and add convenience to the way shots are served.
  • Ice Fountain Bottle Clips

    A range of products developed to compliment our current entertainment product range. At Ice Entertainments, safety and presentation are imperative. Our Ice Fountain Bottle Tri-Clips were created to add simplicity and design to the presentation of Ice Fountains within Nightclub, Bars, Restaurants and Hotels as part of their bottle service. This product is very easy to use and can increase the safety elements when using ice fountains in crowded area by adding stability.

  • Champagne Gun

    The infamous Champagne Gun has received a lot of publicity and is considered the ultimate party accessory! The Champagne Gun can be reloaded with any Magnum Sized Champagne bottle regardless of brand and can work either with a service spout or a diffuser.

    This product is available in Gold, Chrome or Rose Gold and has three considered uses:

    • Champagne Showers: Spray champagne up to 23 feet for approximately 45 seconds
    • Champagne Service: A unique and innovative way of pouring champagne
    • Champagne Display: A extravagant way to display any magnum bottle of champagne at your bar

    Works only with magnum size bottles (1.5L) unless used with The Champagne Gun Adaptor - All brands except "Special Bottles".

  • Dry Ice Accessories

    Ice Entertainments work closely with various suppliers to ensure the highest quality dry ice products are supplied to venues.

    All of the products we offer have been carefully created to assure your clients senses are uplifted and overwhelmed due to the spectacular chilling effect which is created through the use of dry ice. We will assist to revolutionise your menu, event or party, boost profits and create a breath-taking signature dish/drink people will always remember.

  • Cooling Devices

    We offer innovative and cost effective ways to keep your items cool on hot days and heated surroundings with a variety of cooling devices. Our cooling devices are not only aimed at the leisure industry, but are also very popular within the pharmaceutical and food industries (medical and fish preservation, for example) as well as for personal use, at home or out and about (on say camping trips or even beach holidays).

  • Safe Use Lighters

    A range of products developed to compliment our current entertainment product range. At Ice Entertainments, safety and presentation are imperative. Avoid burning your fingers when igniting pyrotechnics by using our Safe Use Extended Handled Chrome Gas Lighter. This product is refillable an easy to use.

  • Table Top Drink Dispensers & Sharers

    A selection of table top sharing Drink Dispensers & Sharers that are perfect for all types of venues or home use, providing the ultimate drink sharing experience. Our Drink Dispensers & Sharers add extra fun to every occasion, no matter what you are drinking. No longer will you wait unseen at a busy bar or struggle to carry multiple drinks across a venue. The Table Top Drink Dispensers & Sharers allows the user to pour their own drink and top up when they want, without the need to return to the bar!

    With a range of different styles and designs to cater for everyone’s tastes and preferences, our wide selection of Drink Dispensers & Sharers are a must have for your establishment or home. The ‘Short Black Conic (Pull ‘A’ Pint)’, alternatively known as a ‘Beer Tower’ is well associated with sports bars and pubs showing live sporting events, allowing groups of friends to ‘pull their own pints’ - hence the Ice Brand ‘Pull ‘A’ Pint’!

    For bars and other establishments with a more sophisticated feel, looking to increase drink sales, we offer two different styles of Drink Dispenser & Sharer that fit that exact need. The ‘Balloon (Punch Bowl Sharer)’ and ‘Cocktail White (Cocktail Tower)’ are ideal for groups and parties looking for the ultimate party experience, perfect for bringing in the punters! Other popular products for venues and home use are the 'Tall Football (Footy Tower)' and 'Tall Beer Keg (The ‘BIG DADDY’ Tower)'.

    In simple terms, our Table Top Drink Dispensers & Sharers are perfect for:

    • Reducing waiting time at the bar (bar staff given more time to deal with other customers)

    • Minimises cleaning time (less glasses being used, so less washing up)

    • Easy to refill for staff (fill one sharer rather than multiple glasses)

    • Drinks are kept ‘ICE’ cold for longer (with the assistance of 'The Ice Rod')

    • For venues this is a great way to increase dink sales and retain customers

    • For home use this ideally for introducing that element of fun to any home party or gathering

    Table Top Drinks Dispensers are also commonly known as Beer Towers, Beer Sharers, Portable Beer Taps, Triton Dispensers or The Beer Giraffe.

  • Traditional Wax Cake Candles

    All cakes deserve candles and if you are unable to use our Fountain Cake Candles, then the Traditional Wax Cake Candles are what you need.

    We offer a range of wax candles for all types of desserts and birthday cakes. Our extensive range includes plain wax candles and digit cake candles which are ideal for both kids and adult birthday cakes alike.

  • Smoke Products

    Smoke Tube create a strong coloured smoke cloud that is ideal for special effects in both TV and film. These products are CE Marked.

  • Chinese Sky Lanterns

    A sky lantern, also known as Chinese or Thai sky lantern, is a small hot air balloon made of paper, with an opening at the bottom where a small fire is lit. It is similar to a version of the paper lantern that is traditionally associated with some East Asian cultures. In Asia sky lanterns have traditionally made and used for centuries, for celebration events and yearly festivities. Sky lanterns are a possible explanation for some UFO sightings.

    You may also know this product as Sky Lanterns, Wishing Lanterns, Flying Lanterns, Floating Lanterns, Fire lanterns, Wedding Lanterns, Mini Glowing Air Balloons, Glow lanterns, Paper hot air balloons, Paper lanterns, Thai Sky Lanterns, Japanese paper lanterns, or Kong Ming, Khoom Fay, Khom Loi

    IMPORTANT: Two adults are required to light Sky Lanterns successfully. Full instructions of how to use and light are printed directly on product packaging.