Rainbow Pack of 60 Coloured Ice Fountains (Mixed Colours) View full size

Rainbow Pack of 60 Coloured Ice Fountains (Mixed Colours)

An assortment of coloured flamed 60 second Ice Fountains. This rainbow pack includes 12 x units of each of the following colours - Red, Blue, Green, Purple and Pink.

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£60.00 (Inc. VAT)

£1.00 per fountain

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Ice Entertainments are the largest supplier of Ice Fountains and have been for close to 8 years now. Our range of Ice Fountain Bottle Fireworks includes various durations, various sizes, various colours and even a hand held version for dancers and performers.

Guaranteed to make a lasting impression, our Ice Fountains are a specially constructed and safe form of indoor fountain, which generate a stunning jet of sparkles when lit. The non-toxic and virtually smoke free composition lights immediately and creates a brilliant stream of glittering light, sure to impress and set the scene.

Nowadays, if a bottle is ordered in a club and it doesn’t come with coloured sparklers then you can expect your guests to be disappointed. When using coloured bottle sparklers as part of your bottle service you will attract attention and create instant excitement within your nightclub. This method is an instant way to increase revenues and profits and is a great example of how to sell champagne in your venue.

This indoor firework product can also be referred to as Bottle Sparkler, Ice Sparkler, Club Sparkler, Bottle Fountain, Fountain Candle, Bottle Firework Ice Candle, Club Candle, Cake Sparkler, Champagne Sparkler, Coloured Sparkler or Indoor Roman Candle.

  • Smoke High
  • Duration 60 seconds
  • Odour High
  • Hand-Held No
  • Classification 1.4S
  • Firework Category 1
  • Safety Distance 1 metre
  • Activation Requirements Naked Flame
  • Age Requirements 18 yrs +
  • Certification EN 14035-15 Approved, Food Standards Approved, Fully UK Certified
  • Contents Gun Powder
  • Bespoke Designs Yes

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