Ice Glows

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Our Ice Glow products range consists of an assortment of glow products that radiate a variety of colours from cool blue, flaming red or luxurious purple, creating a dramatic and stylish ambience. Our glow products selection features an array of LED products along with traditional bend and break system products. All our Ice Glows (glow product and LED product range) come with the following as standard:

  • Highest quality of product
  • Selection of colours - Pink, Purple, Red, Green, Yellow and Blue
  • Safe for indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to use and Hand-Held

Commonly referred to as Glow Products, Glow Sticks, Glow Necklaces or LED Products.




    The LED GLOW NITE SPARX is a revolutionary product inspired by the traditional Ice Fountain that is being used today in nightclubs, bars, restaurants and hotels around the world. By using the LED BOTTLE SPARKLER, you will be able to avoid any potential fire hazard that the traditional version may cause. The ultra bright LED lights give off a strobe lighting effect which runs through the unit itself. The product can easily be attached to the bottle by using Ice Fountain Bottle Clips and is operated by a switch at the base of the unit. The LED GLOW NITE SPARX has multi-functional settings and is safe to hold by hand (as it does not heat up). In short, the LED BOTTLE SPARKLER is a safe, non hazardous version of an Ice Fountain champagne bottle sparkler - NO FLAMES, NO SMOKE and NO RISK!

  • LED Glow NITE SPARX Bottle Baton

    Since we released the revolutionary LED Glow NITE SPARX (LED Bottle Sparkler), we have continued to work hard to bring great revolutionary products to the market.

    Similar to the LED Strobe Baton, our new LED Glow NITE SPARX Bottle Baton is an innovative version of the baton which can be attached to the majority sized bottles.

    The LED Glow NITE SPARX Bottle Baton is battery operated, comes in 3 different colour LEDs, and in 2 styles of aluminium casing. This product is simple to use and just like the NITE SPARX and the Strobe batons... NO FLAMES, NO SMOKE, NO RISK!!

  • LED Strobe Batons

    The LED Strobe Baton has been designed to grab the attention of your guests during the bottle service delivery within your nightclub.

    This product not only compliments the Ice Fountains (Bottle Sparklers) but has become a very popular party product within nightclub venues all around the world.

  • LED Light-Up Menus

    Ice Entertainments are proud to introduce our LED Light-Up Menus for nightclubs, bars and restaurants. With the use of this product, your customers can easily view your menu in both well-lit areas and also darkness, without the problem of not being able to see pricing or details.

    We offer this useful product in array of sizes and also offer a bespoke branded version too, should you wish to add your own touch. Details of each can be seen on the individual product page under the ‘More Info’ tab.


  • LED Glow Bottle LightPads

    With this brand new product, you can now present your bottles with a fantastic glowing effect. When incorporating the use of Glow Bottle LightPads, your VIP clientele will receive their purchased bottles with an added spotlight effect ensuring their VIP status is held for the entire evening.

    Placed at the bottom of the bottle, its adhesive sticker allows you to firmly apply the LightPad to the bottle creating an air tight component meaning this product is water proof and will work within the ice bucket all night even when the ice has melted and turned to water.

    This latest innovative bar accessory disposable and have been created only for a one time use. This product is ideal for nightclubs as well as bars and restaurants who serve alcohol by the bottle. Obviously, the effect achieved through a glow bottle light pad is more impressive when used with clear beverage bottles like tequila, sambuca and of course vodka.

  • LED Glow Ice Cubes

    Our LED Glow Ice Cubes are a brilliant way to add that extra effect to your bottle service within your venue. Add this to standard ice cubes and watch the bucket glow brightly, delighting your guests and ensuring they remember their visit.

    We offer two types of LED Glow Ice Cubes:

    Switch Activated LED Glow Ice Cubes
    The LED Glow Cubes are activated by a switch at the bottom of each cube.

    Liquid Activated LED Glow Ice Cubes
    To activate the LED Glow Cubes, simply drop them into liquid and watch them activate immediately. 

    The bright LED lights turn on via the two tiny liquid sensors located at the bottom of each cube. All our glow cubes are strong, safe and reliable.

  • LED Glow Foam Batons

    LED Glow Foam Batons originated in the party capital of the world (Las Vegas) and often referred to as Vegas Lights or Glow Sabres, are ideal for small parties or large concerts and events.

    Since its introduction in Las Vegas in 2012, this product has become a must for all party goers in some of London’s and Europe’s most popular nightclub venues.

    Once the Baton has been activated at the base, it will send strobe flashes through the baton with an array of colours (red, blue and green). Batteries are included and preloaded so it’s ready to use out of the wrapper.

    This product is strong, safe and reliable.

  • LED Glow Ice Buckets

    Create that chilled and contemporary vibe with our exclusive LED Glow Ice Buckets. Keep your drink chilled while also creating a relaxed atmosphere at your venue or at home. We offer several versions of the LED Glow Ice Bucket, buckets which are perfect for single bottle use and larger LED Glow Ice Buckets which can hold several more bottles at a time.

    When using the RGB colour changing LED buckets, whether you choose to use this product for a bottle of wine or champagne, when activated, the RGB colour changing LED's shine and glisten through the ice, creating a stunning visual effect. No nightclub or bar is set without the use of colour changing LED Glow Ice Buckets.

    With the White LED Buckets, you are presented with a more sophisticated style of Ice Bucket, suited more so to a restaurant or beach club. All of our LED Glow Ice Buckets can be used outdoors as well as indoors. All of our Glow Buckets are strong, safe and reliable.

  • LED Serving Trays

    The LED Serving Trays light-up in an array of colours which is controlled by the supplied wireless remote control. The glowing serving tray will last 16 hours once fully charged and is a fun addition to any private event or nightclub.

    This product is fully waterproof so its benefits can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors should you require.

  • Electronic LED Tea Lights

    We offer a range of various coloured electronic LED tea lights in an assortment of styles.

    These products are commonly used at nightclubs, restaurants and hotels all around the World to enhance ambience as part of table pieces or general decor.

  • LED Glow Jug Drink Pitcher

    This product is ideal for parties and celebrations. The bright LED light-up jug holds up to 1400ml of liquid. The base if fitted with colour fading LEDs that will lighten up the party atmosphere.

  • Glow Shot Glasses

    These standard 75m measurement LED liquid activated flashing shot glasses are something special! You can add pizzazz to any party and wow your guests with the always impressive liquid activation technology.

    Watch the small LED’s in the base glisten through the shot glass and up through your drink when you pour your favourite liquor into the glass (transparent liquids work best) and watch it instantly light up the moment the liquid touches the sensors and deactivate once the liquid has been consumed. The flashing shot glasses are reusable and only work when there is liquid in the glass.

    All our glow glasses are strong, safe and reliable.

  • Glow Sticks

    The Glow Stick is probably the most recognised glow product on the market. They can be used in a number of ways to enhance any party, celebration or event. From pop concerts at the O2 Arena to the biggest clubs in the world, glow sticks are a proven favourite.

    Activated by a Bend ’n’ Break system, our range of glow sticks are available in various colours (Purple, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Pink and Orange) and can glow brightly for up to 12 hours.

    All our glow sticks are strong, safe and reliable.

  • Glow Bracelets

    Glow Bracelets are a very popular choice when using glow products at any event or as a promotional tool. Each bracelet is 8 inches long and 5mm thick. Also included are the connectors required to connect the stick at both ends to create a glow bracelet.

    Activated by a Bend ’n’ Break system, our range of glow bracelets are available in various colours (Purple, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Pink and Orange) and can glow brightly for up to 12 hours.

    All our glow bracelets are strong, safe and reliable.

  • Glow Necklaces

    Glow Necklaces are one of our most popular glow products. Each necklace is 22 inches long and 6mm thick. Also included are the connectors required to connect the stick at both ends to create your glow necklace.

    Activated by a Bend ’n’ Break system, our range of glow necklaces are available in various colours (Purple, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Pink and Orange) and can glow brightly for up to 12 hours.

    All our glow necklaces are strong, safe and reliable.