Individual Push-Button Confetti Cannons (Metallic Foil) View full size

Individual Push-Button Confetti Cannons (Metallic Foil)

1 hand-held push button confetti cannon. Perfect for all celebrations and contains metallic foil. The Push-Button Cannons are 20cm long.

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£3.50 (Inc. VAT)

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You can now enjoy the effect of larger outdoor confetti cannons both indoors and outdoors with our Push-Button Confetti Ice Cannons. This smaller version of its larger relation packs a big punch despite its miniature status. Operated by a compressed air system, once activated this party cannon creates a rather large bang and ejects high quality non run metallic foil around two metres distance.

This range of confetti products can also be referred to as Confetti Popper, Party Poppers, Confetti Cannons, Party Cannons, Confetti Shooters, Ice Cannon and Confetti Gun.

  • Smoke No
  • Duration N/A
  • Odour No
  • Hand-Held Yes
  • Classification None
  • Firework Category Contains No Pyro
  • Safety Distance 1 metre
  • Activation Requirements Twist Action
  • Age Requirements 18 yrs +
  • Certification N/A
  • Contents Foil Strips
  • Bespoke Designs Yes

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