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Box of 500 Mini Cocktail/Dessert Sparklers

1 box of 500 loose miniature indoor hand-held cocktail sparklers (dessert sparklers). Perfect if you want to attract attention to your cocktails.

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£110.00 (Inc. VAT)

£0.22 per sparkler

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It’s time for the traditional umbrellas and novelty sticks to move over, there’s a new product in town. Thanks to these miniature wholesale cocktail/dessert sparklers, serving desserts and cocktails will never be the same again!

Despite their miniature status, they pack a rather large punch ensuring your guests are wowed with excitement.  If your nightclub/bar is looking to increase your cocktail sales or a restaurant looking to give that special dessert the extra attention it deserves, then this wholesale sparkler product is for you.

This product can also be referred to as Cocktail Sparkler, Dessert Sparkler, Mini Sparkler, Indoor Firework, Drink Sparkler, Cake Sparkler, wedding sparkler or Indoor Sparklers.

  • Smoke Low
  • Duration 20 seconds
  • Odour Low
  • Hand-Held Yes
  • Classification 1.4S
  • Firework Category 1
  • Safety Distance 1 metre
  • Activation Requirements Naked Flame
  • Age Requirements 18 yrs +
  • Certification Food Standards Approved
  • Contents Gun Powder
  • Bespoke Designs Yes

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