Large Twist-Action Confetti Cannons

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Large Twist-Action Confetti Cannons

You can now enjoy the effect of a larger outdoor confetti cannons both indoors and outdoors with our Large Twist Action Confetti Cannons. This larger version of its smaller relation packs a huge punch as its name suggests. Operated by a compressed air twist action system, once activated this celebration cannon creates a large bang and ejects high grade non run metallic foil around four metres distance.

This 60cm celebration cannon is available in 2 various colours (gold or silver) and is suitable indoors at parties as well as outdoors for weddings and other celebrations.

This range of confetti products can also be referred to as Giant Confetti Popper, Large Party Poppers, Huge Confetti Cannons, Big Party Cannons, Giant Confetti Shooters, Massive Ice Cannon and Confetti Gun.