Box of 6 Music Dipstick 10'' Crackers View full size

Box of 6 Music Dipstick 10'' Crackers

Box of 6 Music Dipstick Crackers for after-dinner family fun! When you pull your cracker, you will a music dipstick with trivia and a sing-a-long challenge too! You can question your friends and family on their music knowledge with your trivia questions and challenge them to a sing-a-long with the performance task on the back!

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£9.17 (Inc. VAT)

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Each cracker contains 6 music dipsticks with trivia and sing-a-long challenges, an entertainment scroll with gargle or hum that tune, sing the next line of a song and a charade and a paper hat!

  • Smoke No
  • Duration N/A
  • Odour Low
  • Hand-Held Yes
  • Classification None
  • Firework Category Contains No Pyro
  • Safety Distance None
  • Activation Requirements Bend & Break
  • Age Requirements 18 yrs +
  • Certification Fully UK Certified
  • Contents N/A
  • Bespoke Designs No

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